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This website is going to be fully committed to make your runescape avatar as rich a can be.

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Money Making guide 1: Neit dropping

Warning this method is VERY boring and dangerous so be warned
Money per hour: 1,000,000 - 1,200,000 gp an hour!

15,000,000 gp starter cash (for full affect)
STABLE internet conection! (you can lose upwards to 15m if you lose connection)
Completed Fremennik Trials and Fremennik Isles

Step 1) Head over to Neitiznot.
Step 2) Get some short of timer from the internet or in real life.
No pictures in these steps they are self explanatory (unless your retarded jk :p)
Step 3) Head to Mawnis Burowgar and start talking to him. Click through it and you will get a Helm of Neitiznot. Once you get your first one start your clock or stopwatch. (set it to about 2 and a half minutes)

Step 4) Now drop your helm and talk to him again to get more helms. Then drop again and repeat.

Step 5) Now once your 2 and a half minutes are up pick up all your dropped helms, bank them in the chest to your north, and repeat.

The Math:
Doing this if you concentrate you will get around 300 helms an hour. Costing you 15,000,000 gp
Now w/ your 300 helms go to the g.e. and sell them for about 54k each. (4k a helm)
300 by 4k = 1,200k = 1,200,000 gp!
Giving you 16,200,000 gp

Link to ge prices for Neitiznots:

1) Extremely great money making. Even at 2k a helm you get 600k an hr.
2) Nothing else really
1) Really boring after an hour.
2) Dangerous w/ a bad connection.
3) No experience in ANY skill is earned.


Money Making Guide 2: Glorys

Read this:
You should only do this guide if your in need of a quick 200k or your going on a vacation or trip in which you will not be playing runescape. Also, for this method to work you will need A LOT of starter MONEY. (about 42m per 24 hours you are away)
WARNING as of 2-26-2010 it is semi-risky to be doing this method while being away for 2 week+
Money per hour w/ games necklace*: (highly recommended!)1,500,000gp or 3,000,000gp (depending on what price you buy)   
for this method to work properly you will need 50m+ and 30 hours+ waiting time per hour.


Games Necklace method
A **** load of money
Completed Heroes' Quest
Games necklace
Boots of lightness
Spotted cape+

(guide construction has been paused) Will continue making this guide in the near future.



Coldruins - Runescape Money Making Guide